Monday, June 11, 2012

The Beginning

Welcome to my blog!  The goal of this is to become a place to post artwork, perhaps place some snippets of story ideas, my thoughts and opinions on art and life, and, as one of my good friends put it, "a place to be fully present within my life."

I hope to promote my creativity, network, and broaden my horizons-illustratively, as well as in written word.  I used to write on a near-daily basis; primarily poetry, but lost some connection with it during the past few years.  It hasn't been until enrolling in art college that I began to reconnect and appreciate writing again, this time expanding outward into art history analyses, art critiques and some short story writing.

For a bit of background, I am currently enrolled at the Academy of Art University, and have recently graduated with a BFA in Traditional Illustration.  (I am now continuing as a graduate, pursuing a Master's Degree in the same field.)

I am also a freelance artist, available for commission work; please take note, if any artwork I post within my blog strikes your fancy, please comment or contact me for sales information.
As a person, I am (and will probably always be) young at heart, connected fully to my inner child.  I often find myself pondering about details in life that most others don't stop to consider, and seek out ways to express it within my art.  Anything mysterious or of ethereal nature usually strikes my fancy, though my inspirations are not strictly limited to fantasy art...this is where I hope to grow and expand as an artist.

We shall see where this road leads...I look forward to this journey...

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