Friday, June 22, 2012

Fallen Tree House

Copyright 2012, Jenn Carney Art.  All Rights Reserved.

After seeing a photo of an actual tree trunk carved into a play house, it sparked an idea of what it would be like to actually see a real house one could live in like that.  My head kept thinking, and now I'm wondering what types of little children's book critters might reside in such a home as this.

Its taking me some time to get a decent flow and connection going to blogging and some form of daily idea; fortunately, there are 2 more months of summer break left to work on it before a new (and busy) semester begins in September.

I'm at times wondering if children's book illustration is the right path for me; I tend to enjoy portrait work, and have several ideas for more fantasy-type characters that a slightly less cute and fuzzy and more adult in nature.  But it has also been my thought and desire to find a gap within the children's bracket that meets somewhere in between something along the lines of Beatrix Potter and Tony DiTerlizzi, to that of Brian Froud, Brom and David McKean.  Right now, there really doesn't seem to be much of any particular style that fits somewhere in the middle and melds finer details with whimsy, and still maintains a family-friendly fashion.  Perhaps that is my goal to seek.

I do enjoy children's art, but I find that there needs to be a balance within my creativity-which sparks ideas about whether or not a children's book illustrated in sanguine would be successful, or how Van Gogh or Picasso might illustrate a story-something that ties in adult techniques and breaks out of molds and what is upon the current book shelves, or hanging on walls.

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